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Oh deer

The blog is moving We are moving to From today The French Garden will be moving to its own website called Jardin Paysan. If you want to keep receiving new updates and enjoy a much more attractive and more flexible website please visit Jardin Paysan where you can subscribe to our newsletters. These will be e-mailed to you on a monthly basis from now on if you subscribe to them. Otherwise you can dip in and out of the page and see what is new whenever you want to. The link to follow is: Meanwhile here in the garden the latest project has been to tackle the growing problem of deer damage. We have always had a problem with deer because they roam locally, live in the woods beyond our neighbouring vines and, last year, even at the bottom of our own garden. There are benefits – we had the pleasure of watching a doe rear her two fawns in 2020, but there are disadvantages too. They can cause tremendous damage to plants. They eat young

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